Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Cruise

Planning a bachelor and bachelorette party comes with a lot of pressure. It would be best if you made the day fun, unique and memorable. The good though is that having someone to help you with the process of planning a bachelorette and bachelor party NYC can ease the pressure, and that’s why we are here. With us, you can choose to use our boat rental service, which will not only reduce the amount of stress and work you put into planning, but also make the party special.


As the planer of a bachelorette party, you will need to coordinate the security, safety, and transportation of every attendant. Your role is to ensure that everyone attends the party, and transverses the city, with the least amount of friction. That can not only be a stressful endeavor, but it can also increase the costs of hosting the party. Once you opt for a bachelorette party cruise, however, the festivities will be limited to a single location where guests can enjoy their evening. It can also be a safer and less costly option since your only worry will be how to get friends and family to and from the boat, after which you can enjoy the party.


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More about our Bachelorette/Bachelor Party cruise

If you would like to provide the bride with unique packages, you can easily discuss the nitty-gritty details with any of our party planners who will ever be at your disposal. You can rely on us to help you set up drinks, foods, entertainment, and much more to ensure your party proceeds without any hiccup. Whether you would love to theme the party around a specific idea or want to have a more free form party, we are here to help. Just let us know what you would like during that special day and leave the rest to us.

Bachelor parties can be equally as stressful, with everyone having to worry about safety, transportation, entertainment, and much more. However, when you choose to have dinner on a cruise, you can leave all these worries behind and enjoy your evening. In turn, you can drink and make memories, and enjoy a wide assortment of foods, all of which are in our many unique packages.

Feel free to consult our professional and friendly party planner to help you design the perfect evening. We can help you arrange for foods, drinks, and entertainment activities to be done onboard the yacht. Whether you want to theme your bachelor party around something specific or host a high energy dance party alongside other events during your dinner cruise, we are happy to help. We are one call away whenever you need the perfect boat rental for your occasion. So do not wait—pick up the phone and talk to us today!

Hosting a bachelorette and bachelor party NYC should be fun, not stressful and challenging. With our skilled party planners by your side, you can plan the perfect New York dinner cruise or boat party the easy way. We can turn your evening into something memorable to the bride and groom. With all the stress gone, you can spend your time on the water drinking, dining, and dancing, thanks to our boat rental service. Reach out to us today to learn about how we can create the perfect party for you!