After Work Sunset Cruises

Sunset Cruise NYC After Work Cruise

Picture yourself floating along a river while sipping on a beer or a glass of wine. It sounds like a scene out of a movie, but it isn’t. Climb aboard our booze sunset cruise NYC and enjoy your favorite drinks as you float along the Hudson River. Enjoy the fantastic views of New York City’s skyline and its changing hues as the sun sets over the city.

Our booze cruise is the best way to unwind after a long week or day at work. Whether you want to treat yourself and recharge after a hectic week or want to take your clients or colleagues out for an evening of fun and relaxation, our after work cruise offers the perfect opportunity to let your hair down as you enjoy great music, drinks, and atmosphere.

The best way to Experience New York
New York City is famous for many things, including its nightlife. However, you may not want to bump shoulders with countless merrymakers and fight your way to the bar to get a drink. Our boat rentals offer a serene environment to let your hair down. You can experience the sights and sounds of New York City from the comfort of our luxurious boat.


NYC Sunset

When you choose our boat rentals, you get:

  • The perfect venue to unwind

Our boat rentals offer the ideal environment to relax. Enjoy your favorite drinks in the company of your friends, colleagues, or other merrymakers and leave your cares at the harbor. Climb aboard our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday cruise and enjoy the sunset as you dance and drink your concerns away. Getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the best views of the Big Apple in a relaxed environment.

  • Live entertainment

Enjoy great music played by our live DJ on our booze sunset cruise NYC. Whether you prefer to dance or sit back, our carefully selected playlist is sure to keep you entertained throughout the journey. We’ll create an upbeat atmosphere that will keep you tapping your feet and bobbing your head.

  • Bottomless drinks

Nothing is quite as relaxing as enjoying your favorite beverage while taking in spectacular views of New York City. Our after work cruise gives you access to your favorite drinks served just the way you like them. Enjoy them in the company of your friends, family, or colleagues as you watch New York City’s iconic landmarks float past. Our Friday cruise is the perfect way to get your weekend started.

  • The best views

Book our boat rentals and get a front-row seat to the most spectacular views of New York city’s landmarks as well as the city’s skyline. Watch the changing hues and the stretching shadows cast by the setting sun. Life is all about experiences, and this is one experience you won’t forget.

Join us for an evening of great drinks, music, and breathtaking views. Get away from the endless crowds and the stresses and strains of life. Leave your cares at the New York harbor and enjoy your life for a few hours. We’ll help you unwind so you can be the best version of you.

Whether you’re visiting the Big Apple as a tourist or are a resident of this busy city, our booze sunset cruise NYC is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. Book your boat cruise now.