Booze Cruise

Booze Cruise NYC

Once you are ready enough to enjoy the best views of New York Harbour while drinking, dancing and mingling, feel free to book a Booze Cruise NYC. Hosting your event on a cruise can be an ideal way to raise money for your foundation, celebrate special occasions, and promote a business to both young influencers and adults. If hosting or attending a booze cruise New York has been in your wish list, reach out to us to learn more. We can help you get your hands on tickets for regular events or assist you in promoting whatever you want, using a booze cruise.

Although drinking and dancing are all the rage among young adults, finding a designated driver to help move around town can be tough. On the contrary, you will not have to worry about this as the details of your evening will be wholly planned when attending a booze cruise. You can get to eat, drink, mingle, and dance all night in the company of other guests while enjoying the picture-perfect views of NYC. This type of cruise is a sure-fire way to have a memorable night. You can rely on our team to ensure that the menu, music, bar selections, and interior d├ęcor all match your tastes and preferences.


People On Boat Drinking

If you plan to host anything of a larger scale, search “booze cruise near me. Reach out to any of our party planners to get some more information on how we can accommodate you, the type of service packages we offer, and how we typically set up our bar. Feel free to use these cruises for events like fundraisers, private events, and corporate parties. We are ever willing to collaborate with you to create an event that your guests will not only enjoy but also remember for aeons. If you fancy adding a specific aspect into the party, talk with any party planner during the planning phases to have it added to the event.

There is no better way to celebrate a special event than getting to spend some time on the water drinking, dancing, eating delicious food, and listening to music. Whether you desire to have a fun Halloween night, celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or please your guests with an unlimited happy hour, we will be right there to help. As long as you can inform us of every intricate detail of your dream booze cruise New York, we can turn it into a reality. Do you want a themed party for your twentieth-anniversary celebrations? Do you wish to throw a party to say goodbye to your friends as they go to college? Or is your plan to create time for that special night you have been putting off with your mom friends? We are flexible to accommodate any event. Allow us the privilege of helping you plan an event that will get etched in your memory for a long time.

Feel free to contact our professional party planners when searching for “booze cruise near me.” We will take our time to ask you the fundamental questions that will help us design your party around your expectations. We are famous among New York residents for hosting fabulous parties at reasonable rates. For us, your happiness is our priority. Reach out to us today to hold discussions on how we can turn your special evening into a memorable one.