Labor Day Cruise

Labor Day Cruise 2020

Celebrate this Labor Day with a Labor Day Cruise. Toast to the nation’s workforce and prosperity as you cruise along the Hudson River. Take in spectacular views of the New York City and unwind after a long week or day at work.

Unwind and Celebrate

Labor Day weekend offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate your contribution to the country and unwind after a long week or day. Our Labor Day weekend cruise provides the ideal way to get the long weekend started. Climb aboard our cruise to enjoy:

  • Breathtaking views

Our cruises offer you the best views of New York City and its iconic landmarks. From the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge to the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building, you can enjoy the best that the city has to offer without having to rub shoulders with the large crowds that make the Big Apple famous. We’ll take you up close to many of the city’s Landmarks for photo opportunities. There’s no better way to unwind than enjoying the calming views of the city’s skyline from the calm Hudson River.


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Our Labor Day cruise wouldn’t be complete without a delicious meal as you enjoy the sights. Our menu offers an assortment of luncheons and treats to meet different preferences. Please choose from our holiday-inspired meals freshly prepared by our chef to keep you satiated throughout the cruise.
We offer the option for a buffet or plated cuisine for our boat rental packages. You can upgrade yours to enjoy even more options, including special requests for meals.

  • An assortment of beverages

Wash down your meal with your favorite drink. Whether you prefer a coffee or tea with your meal or a beer or glass of champagne, we’ll provide you with options to meet your preferences. Upgrade your package to enjoy access to unlimited beverages. There’s no better way to enjoy your Labor Day weekend than unwinding on the water as you watch the city’s skyline float past.

  • Live entertainment

Unwind to the beat of a great selection of music played by our live DJ. We also offer the option of live band performances with our NYC boat rental packages. Enjoy the lively atmosphere our live performances will create with upbeat music specially selected for the day. We’ll ensure your experience is one that you’ll never forget.

The Best Way to Celebrate Labor Day
Get in touch with us and make your reservation for a Labor Day Weekend cruise. It’s challenging to find weekend events NYC offers that are better than drifting along the Hudson River on a party boat.

Climb aboard our cruise on Monday, May 25, 2020, and enjoy a voyage like no other. We offer the perfect setting to unwind. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our packages and choose the package that suits you best. Our packages are fully customizable. Whether you need a special meal prepared or want to gain access to unlimited drinks for your guests, our team will offer you solutions to meet your needs.

Make your Labor Day weekend this year, one that you will remember by climbing aboard our yacht. Leave your cares at the harbor and get away from the crowds and noise. Enjoy a calming boat ride on the Hudson River and take in spectacular views of the city.

Get in touch with us now to make your reservation.